East African slugs of the family Urocyclidae, III & IV. The genus Trichotoxon

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1961
Authors:B. Verdcourt, Polhill R. M.
Journal:Journal of East African Natural History
Taxonomic name: 
Atrichotoxon punctatum Simroth, 1910 (Slugs), Atrichotoxon Simroth, 1910 (Slugs), Atrichotoxon usambarense (Verdcourt, 1961) (Slugs), Polytoxon athrix Simroth, 1896 (Slugs), Polytoxon aurantiacum Simroth, 1897 (Slugs), Polytoxon copleyi copleyi Verdcourt, 1961 (Slugs), Polytoxon copleyi kulalense Verdcourt, 1961 (Slugs), Polytoxon copleyi maranguense Verdcourt, 1961 (Slugs), Polytoxon copleyi moloense Verdcourt, 1961 (Slugs), Polytoxon copleyi reticulatum Verdcourt, 1961 (Slugs), Polytoxon kilimanjaricum Verdcourt, 1961 (Slugs), Polytoxon pardus Pilsbry, 1919 (Slugs), Polytoxon roccatii Pollonera, 1906 (Slugs), Polytoxon ruwenzoriense Pilsbry, 1919 (Slugs), Polytoxon Simroth, 1897 (Slugs), Polytoxon volkensii Simroth, 1896 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Spirotoxon) elegans Simroth, 1897 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Spirotoxon) simrothi Verdcourt, 1961 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Spirotoxon) stuhlmanni Simroth, 1904 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) bambuseti Verdcourt & Polhill, 1961 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) conradti Simroth, 1894 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) heynemanni Simroth, 1888 [1889?] (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) kempi Pollonera, 1911 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) maculatum Simroth, 1897 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) martensi (Heynemann) ex Simroth, 1882 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) nyambenense nyambenense Verdcourt & Polhill, 1961 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) nyambenense violaceum Verdcourt & Polhill, 1961 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) prestoni Pollonera, 1911 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) robustum Simroth, 1896 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) thikense Verdcourt, 1951 (Slugs), Trichotoxon (Trichotoxon) voeltzkowi Simroth, 1910 (Slugs), Trichotoxon Simroth, 1888 (Slugs)
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